Energy Saving Inside & Out

30/08/2016 Main

I’ve been thinking of ways recently that we can cut-down our household bills as now my partner is temporary out of work with a bad-back & only receiving partial pay, times are a little tight. Plus, we have winter fast approaching & we will already be using up more gas & electric as we spend more time at home, keeping warm. Read more

Cats In The Home

18/08/2016 Main

Hi folks. How many of you out there have a cat? I just love cats and was compelled to write this blog post to share my thoughts on the correct way to treat and raise a young kitten when introducing it to your household. Read more

Cup of Tea

20/07/2016 Main

Hello everybody! I’ve been pondering again. This time about my favourite beverage, tea! You can’t beat a nice cup of tea! The British Empire was built on it! Medium strength, a dash of milk no sugar, thank you very much! Jobs a goodun! I don’t understand what all the fuss about coffee is about. It does nothing to refresh and rejuvenate me like a good cup of tea! I must admit to being a bit of a philistine when it comes to brewing up these days though. I tend to put the teabag in the cup and add the milk last! My grandmother would turn in her grave! I should really invest in a teapot. But then I’d feel obliged to drink the whole pot and end up wired on caffeine and running back and forth to the toilet for the following few hours. (I don’t like sharing). Holidays are a bit of chore when it comes to my tea addiction as nowhere in the world has tea quite like the UK. I mean they have them, but they’re not proper tea bags like PG, Typhoo, Yorkshire or Tetley. Proper rib sticking stuff! What are your thoughts? Are you a tea or a coffee drinker? Which and why? If tea, what’s your favourite brand? Do you make it in the cup or in a pot? (I hope none of you are using that horrible freeze dried stuff that was knocking about in the 90’s!) Julie Andrews or Nato standard? (You’ll have to Google that I’m afraid). Anyway, there’s my thoughts on the drink on which an empire was built. Until next time folks! Read more

Home Brew

05/07/2016 Main

Afternoon everybody! Today I am writing from a place that holds a very special place in my heart. You guessed it! The pub! (Or the bar as you may call it in your part of the world). Read more

Alarm Clocks

25/05/2016 Main

Hi folks. I woke up late again this morning. Again. It got me thinking about alarm clocks. And how many  do you actually need to wake you up in the morning? I know a bunch of people who have like 3 alarm clocks to wake them up! I think that is a bit over the top in all fairness. I personally rely on the alarm on my iPad to wake me up. But sometimes, like this morning, the battery runs out during the course of the night and the alarm doesn’t go off as a result. I know what you’re thinking. I should invest in a proper alarm clock, one that I can plug into the wall and all my problems will be solved. Yeah I know. But there are a hundred other things that I need to get around to buying also. In the meantime I just need to make sure I get an early night and a decent night's sleep. That relies heavily on having a decent mattress to sleep on. Without that you will have a terrible night's sleep and no doubt a bad back also. I would suggest that a good mattress is more important than an alarm clock in many ways. Just my two cents worth. Anyway, I’m just waffling now. If anybody has any thoughts on alarm clocks or mattresses I would love to hear them. Just drop me a line at the usual address. Until next time folks! Take care and sleep well! Read more

Cold Weather Has Destroyed My Garden

12/05/2016 Main

My garden is currently a disaster! We have had such unexpected and terribly cold weather that the frost has badly damaged most of my plants. As sad as I am to see my garden is such a sorry state, I do have some hope that I can rescue my beloved plants. Read more

Hats for the Homeless

05/05/2016 Main

Hi, it’s Angie here. It’s been a while since my last blog as I’ve been very busy making cute little metal ornaments with my tig welder. My time has also been taken up by helping a friend out with a project. I’ve always been good at knitting so my friend Gloria asked me to help her knit some warm hats, scarves, gloves and jumpers for homeless people in the area we live in. We’ve had a bitter winter and it’s now supposedly spring but, as you know, it has been snowing in many parts of the UK over the last few days! Read more

About TIG Welding and my buying options

16/03/2016 Main

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to the blog! Read more

Companion Gardening

11/03/2016 Main

I wanted to share with you a tried and tested technique that I myself use in the vegetable patch at home.  The technique is called Companion Gardening and the title says it all really. Just as we humans tend to pair off and flourish well when we have companionship the vegetables and herbs that you grow in the garden will thrive if paired with a complementary plant. Read more

Wood Chippers

05/02/2016 Main

I’m back again, it’s Angie. Did you enjoy my first two articles? I want to get around to talking about inside the home a little later in the blog but for this article, I want to continue the plant and garden theme. As I’m a wise, old dear and edging ever closer to retirement, I’ve obviously spent a long time on this earth and have picked up a few things along the way. When I was younger and care free, things like the environment and climate change didn’t really come into it. Over the years, I’ve learnt how to eat better, live better and have more consideration all round for the stamp I make on the world. Read more